NBA Rosters


In the NBA, team roster is divided into the following categories.

1. Point Guard (PG)

2. Shooting Guard (SG)

3. Center (C)

4. Small Forward (SF)

5. Power Forward (PF)

A Point Guard is responsible for passing the ball around during the play. His specialty is to make versatile moves during the play and to score from inside the three point circle as well as from outside the three point circle. A point guard has excellent ball handling and dribbling skills. Each point guard holds the best ball passing skills to other players and creates opportunities to make the points. During the game, the point guard has the most active role and on his side of the team has the maximum possession of the ball. Usually the point guards are the quickest players in the team roster. A point guard will be an active defender of the ball at the time of defense.

A Shooting Guard is responsible for providing the best shots during any game from within the three point circle or from outside the three point circle. His specialty is to shoot 3 pointers with pin point accuracy. He has the ability to make passes and provide maximum assists during the game. From a free throw line, a shooting guard is the one with the most effective free throws and makes every shot count. A shooting guard will provide assistance to the point guard in every way possible since the point guard is always the player who runs the play.

A Center is the very main player of the game who plays almost on the base line of the court. A center is always the tallest player in the team roaster. The reason for this is that the center should have the ability to make points when the defenses are much stronger and also defend the ball from passing through the rim when a defense is being made. A center is not necessarily a good shooter but in some cases center players prove them to be good at it. Their dribbling is not as good as the other team players but their specialty is passing the ball around.

A Small Forward is the most unique player in the team roster and is quicker than the center and the power forward. A small forward position in association with power forward is similar to that of shooting guard in association with the point guard. This is the uniqueness of this position that the shooting guard can interchange its position with the small forward. A small forward is taller than the point guard and the shooting guard. His strength is the quick response on the offense and defense.

A Power forward is the most valuable player on the team roster. His specialty is the aggressive offensive style which makes him a unique player in the team roster. On offense, he is the quickest carrier of the ball and makes every attempt to get the basketball closest to the rim. On defense, a power forward and center have a good coordination to keep the ball as far away as possible from the rim.

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